The committees

’University Colleges Denmark’ is organised according to a committee structure based on three focus areas:

Educational Policy (UPU)

Research & Innovation (FPU)

The committee of Resource & Administration (RADU)

This structure allows the association to accommodate initiatives covering any aspect of the activities of the institutions. Furthermore, this structure will ensure that the sector has a profile that is compatible and competitive on an international scale.

The two political committees (UPU and FPU) have been set up to deal with

  • Specific educational areas e.g. health education, teacher training or pedagogical education
  • Cross-sector matters e.g. institutional matters, quality assurance and internationalisation
  • Knowledge policies and research interest matters of university colleges in the current knowledge economy


The third committee, RADU, is the committee that coordinates and promotes the interests of University Colleges Denmark in the resource, funding and administrative area. The Committee’s work targets public authorities and external partners and stakeholders as well as the internal cooperation and teamwork among the university colleges.

The committees meet approximately four times a year. They may set up task forces on an ad hoc basis to deal with specific or urgent matters.

A Danish University College is comparable to European institutions called Universities of Applied Sciences. A University College is an institution of higher education that offers education in the form of professional bachelor’s programmes to Danish and international students. All programmes in a university college are professionally oriented – which means that the students educate themselves for a specific profession or career, especially in the fields of business, health, engineering, technology, or pedagogy and teaching.