The Secretariat

The administrative secretariat is called ’University Colleges Denmark’ and is situated in the heart of Copenhagen. The current staff of employees consists of the Executive Director Inge Friis Svendsen and a total of 11 employees working on:

  • Administration
  • Communication and Media
  • Education, Innovation and Research
  • Economics and National Finance and Funding
  • Efficiency Improvement of University Colleges


The Secretariat contributes to:

  • Advocating for and counselling of the political and structural interests of the sector
  • Infusing and  strengthening the development of the programmes offered
  • Continuously optimising the innovative and ambitious mind-sets in the sector
  • Supporting the cooperation between University Colleges and other educational institutions, both nationally and internationally

The role of the Secretariat is to be the strategic and administrative unit for the entire sector. Whenever the Danish Ministry of Research and Education or national or international authorities and relevant stakeholders have proposals or seek professional advice in the field of professional bachelor programmes, the Secretariat will select and appoint competent representatives and advisors from within the sector.