The Study Activity Model

The Danish university colleges use a shared study activity model. The four categories of the model display how the activities of a profession- or business-oriented study programme interact to form a whole. This goes for individual modules and semesters as well as for entire study programmes.

The Study Activity Model has three purposes:

1. The Model is intended for illustrating that the totality of the study activities make up a full-time course of study.
2. The Model illustrates that a profession- or a business-oriented study programme is comprised of various kinds of study activities.
3. The Model serves as the foundation for communication and for the clarification of expectations between students and lecturers relating to time spent on learning tasks and relating to roles and responsibilities in various types of study activities.

Read the guidelines for lecturers and heads of programme
Read the guidelines for students

On the main page, the number of lessons or percentages for each of the four categories can be filled in, and content descriptions for each category can be added.

The model can then be used for informing the students and engaging in dialogues with them. When the model is filled in, you can generate a PDF or image file for use in PowerPoint, curricula, on itslearning, or in other contexts.

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